Why a slingbag bag?

This question keeps popping up in conversations with friends: Why use a slingbag? cant you just use a regular backpack or carry a jacket with you?

We could do that, but we dont always carry a jacket with us and stuffing everything into pockets can look comical and inpractical. What about a regular backpack? Yes its got its perks, but it can get annoying real quick too, especially in crowded areas. You could always carry a book or a water bottle in your hand, but it can get real annoying real fast.

extra pouch slingbag


A small slingbag has all the advantages of a backpack in a smaller package thats perfect for a day out in town or the daily commute. Personally my bag always has a book for casual reading ( Neuromancer by William Gibson), a powerbank along with a phone charger, depending on the weather i might put a small umbrella inside or a 0.5L water bottle, in all honesty it can fit both a waterbottle and a small umbrella, but that would be a tight fit. Theres still room for a shopping bag, keys, bus ticket and my wallet safely hidden(thanks to these bags i stopped putting wallets in back pocket of my pants)

In alot of advertising videos you will see them show an 9.7inch tablet fitting in and its true, if you pack your bag right you can fit a lot of things that you may need at work, school or your next casual discovery!