City backpack by Mark Ryden

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A great City Backpack for school, work and travel! Great for storing your loot or going to the store. The inbuilt USB port is great for topping off your phone on those long commutes, even better if you play augmented reality games like Ingress or Pokemon Go. One extra usefull feature in this City Backpack would be the hidden zippers, so no unwanted browsers can have easy access to you're stuff(boys and girls at the legal department told me its illegal to hide razor blades near the zipper. Those cowards!).

But in all seriousness, has little pouches all over the place, from storing tickets for the commute to hiding your wallet and other valuables in a place where no one would dare to reach, this backpack has it all. Its water resistant so you don't need to worry about the rain. Sized perfectly to fit a regular 15.6 inch laptop and all of its components, plus has room to put in anything else you might want to bring with you.

  • Made out of weather resistant Nylon
  • 46cm high 27cm wide and 12cm deep, perfect for a regular 15.6inch laptop
  • Glow in the dark details
  • Hidden zippers in the back ( peel the back of the backpack to reveal them)
  • Small pockets hidden in the back for valuables, in the strap for transport tickets
  • Extra sling to put on your carry on luggage
  • Cut resistant exterior
  • Hidden USB outlet to discreetly charge your phone


Shipping:  10 to 20 business days